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Sleep & Sedative Dentistry...

Dr. Minoo Vellani assists Jervis Bay Dental with sedative dentistry.

Jervis Bay Dental welcomes the services of Dr Minoo Vellani, a Dental Board Approved Dental Sedationist in Sleep or Twilight Dentistry.

Dr Minoo Vellani has been practising dentistry for 27 years, having graduated in 1987 then obtaining his Graduate Diploma in Intravenous Sedation in 2006.

In fact, Dr. Davidoff practised with him in Penrith in the mid 80's... he's a nice guy... terrible moustache, should be curled up on the ends... at least he doesn't have any blonde highlights!

Since then he has provided a mobile sedation service to practices in Sydney, the Central Coast, regional NSW and interstate.

He provides sedation for oral surgery, implant surgery, restorative dentistry, endodontics, periodontics/hygiene and even paediatric procedures.

Intravenous sedation has distinct advantages over both oral sedation and general anaesthesia, it is more predictible and the recovery time is a lot shorter.

Sedation is not only for fearful or apprehensive patients, it is especially useful for lengthy or traumatic procedures.

The team at Jervis Bay Dental would be happy to chat with you about sleep dentistry. Just contact us.

The advantages....


It has an excellent safety record.

There is a comfortable, amnesic effect which produces a deep and satisfying sleep where patients are unaware of the procedure, feel no pain and have no recollection of the procedure. This is arguably the greatest advantage.

Smooth, rapid recovery

Patients are usually ready to go home 30 minutes after the procedure.


Can be done at our surgery... "in house".. same staff.. same terrible jokes...


We can sedate patients between the ages of 8 and 70 years in a private practice situation without the need to involve hospitals.

Time efficient

Allows treatment that may take multiple appointments to be done in one comfortable appointment (patients love this).


Fees are time based.

Meet your dentist

Dr. Paul Davidoff and his highly trained team of dental professionals ensure the delivery of high quality dentistry services, tailored completely to the individual, delivered with the utmost courtesy and respect.

Dr. Davidoff takes pride in ensuring his training & skills cover modern dental techniques.

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Meet our Team

Our team realise that a visit to the dentist has traditionally been fraught with fear.

The staff at Jervis Bay Dental work hard to ensure our practice provides you with a positive treatment experience, without any worry of pain or confusion while 'in the chair'.

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Our surgery is located at 19 The Wool Road, Vincentia. We proudly serve Jervis Bay, St. Georges Basin and surrounding areas.

We are within walking distance of Coles & the Vincentia Shopping Village and are close to public transport. Convenient, private, off street parking is available.

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