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When there is too much destruction of the tooth substance, a crown may be indicated, since composite resin fillings simply do not give adequate support.

Worse still, when the tooth has had root canal therapy, more of the tooth has had to been removed to gain straightline access to the root canal system. This makes the remaining tooth structure more fragile.

Sometimes a post and core may have to be placed before the crown preparation, you will be told of the need for this.

The procedure for a crown involves removal of undermined parts of the tooth, careful shaping of the tooth to remove undercuts, exquisite gum margins which gives the ceramist an even chance at producing the invisible restoration.

To capture these margins, there is a need to condition the gums somewhat...using a laser...this will be explained to you as we go.We will take impressions of both your upper and lower jaws, take a bite registration... we like to make a crown that actually fits you..... take a carefully considered shade selection by using several methods, and make a provisional restoration that will cover the remaining tooth preparation.

After approximately 2 weeks your definitive restoration will be placed...we are after accuracy here, so if it doesn't fit, it will be remade.... it's easier to do this than to make excuses... mind you, the number of remakes I've had to do, for whatever reason, has been in the tens over 30 years. Mind you, everything we put in the mouth has to be adjusted.



The outside of each tooth is made of enamel, which is extremely hard. Although teeth are strong and difficult to break, trauma (such as a fall) may chip or break them.

Tooth decay may severely weaken a tooth, with a high risk that the tooth may fall apart. Root canal treatment, where the pulp of the tooth containing blood vessels is removed, can always weaken a tooth, especially if it has large fillings. Teeth may wear down over time.

An artificial crown is often the best way to save a tooth and strengthen it. It fits over the prepared and existing tooth and replaces the natural crown.


Bridges replace one or more missing teeth. They consist of an artificial tooth anchored the adjacent tooth. If a tooth is lost through an accident, or is too badly decayed to save with a crown, a bridge may be the treatment of choice.

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