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Osteoporosis and extractions...


Osteoporosis is a bone-weakening disease that affects millions of people. The National Osteoporosis Foundation estimates that osteoporosis is a health threat for 55% of people ages 50 and older or about 44 million Americans. 80% of the 10 million Americans estimated to have osteoporosis are women. According to The National Osteoporosis Foundation, women are four times more likely than men to develop osteoporosis.
Exercise and proper nutrition for young women can help build strong bone mass for the future.

Most people believe that osteoporosis only occurs in elderly people, but osteoporosis can occur at any age and does not discriminate against race. Osteoporosis is a very serious disease that is responsible for more than 1.5 million bone fractures every year.

According to the American Dental Association, osteonecrosis of the jaw linked with osteoporosis medications has mainlybeen seen in cancer patients who are receiving the bisphosphonates intravenously. In fact, 94% of the cases reported are linked to intravenously-administered bisphosphonates while only 6% are linked with the oral medications.

Symptoms of osteonecrosis of the jaw can include:
• Loose teeth
• Pain in the Jaw
• Swelling
• Exposed Bone
• Reoccurring Infection
While osteonecrosis of the jaw associated with bisphosphonates is serious, it is also rare. Osteoporosis is a very serious disease and medications taken for osteoporosis have proven benefits with numerous studies showing that these medications do reduce bone loss.




A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth from the mouth. Extractions are performed for a wide variety of reasons, including tooth decay that has destroyed enough tooth structure to render the tooth non-restorable. Extractions of impacted or problematic wisdom teeth are routinely performed, as are extractions of some permanent teeth to make space for orthodontic treatment.

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