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What is cracked teeth syndrome?


Cracked Tooth Syndrome is a dental condition characterized by symptoms of sharp pain on chewing without any visible reason, which is actually caused by a ‘hidden’ crack of the tooth.
Teeth that cause cracked tooth syndrome usually have fractures that are too small to be seen on X-rays. Sometimes the fracture is below the gum line, making it even more difficult to identify.
Cracked tooth syndrome is a condition that has to be identified and treated early enough before the damage puts the tooth at risk. If the crack reaches the pulp chamber of the cracked tooth, the pulp tissue becomes exposed to bacteria and bacterial toxins, and gets inflamed developing a tooth infection. An untreated cracked tooth can result in pulpal necrosis (death of the nerve), and tooth abscess (infection) requiring root canal treatment. In severe cases the tooth can split in two reducing the chances to fix the cracked tooth and usually tooth extraction is necessary.


What causes cracked teeth syndrome?


• Natural wear: Over the years, the repetitive everyday use of the teeth for biting and chewing may cause cracks on teeth.
• Clenching or grinding teeth (bruxism) is one of the major causes of fractured tooth syndrome. Grinding and clenching puts teeth under excessive pressure making them more susceptible to cracks.
• Bad chewing habits such as biting pencils or chewing on hard foods.
• Trauma to the mouth.
• Large fillings can weaken the teeth resulting in tooth fracture.
• Untreated extensive tooth decay.
• Complications during/after endodontic therapy. Sometimes the pressure applied on a tooth during root canal treatment may cause a crack. After a root canal treatment teeth become brittle and they are more susceptible to cracked tooth syndrome.


Signs and symptoms of cracked tooth syndrome?


• Tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.
• Pain in the tooth upon biting or chewing. Pain is not constant as that in case of tooth decay or tooth abscess. The tooth may be painful only when eating certain foods or when chewing in a specific way. If the pain is usually experienced upon release of biting pressure, it is a sign that it is a case of cracked tooth syndrome.
• If the crack is severe, there may be signs of increased tooth mobility.


What can be done for relief?



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